This is a new approach to coaching. Coaching as and when you need it! All the benefits of regular coaching plus the following:
  • Short, focused coaching sessions on Skype or phone as often, and when you need it. My advanced NLP skills ensure that the sessions are effective.
  • An audio recording of the session will be sent to you immediately after the session
  • After an initial longer coaching session to determine the goals and outcome for the coaching I am available for as many 15 minute coaching sessions as you need. These sessions  can be booked on the website on a daily basis, also on short notice.
The idea is that the coaching be available to you when you need it. Experience has shown that coaching at the time when you experience the challenge, or shortly thereafter, is more effective and transforming than events dealt with when recalled at a later date. My advanced NLP skills further improve the experience. Call me on 082 4455 996 to discuss your needs.
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